About PMA

Who We Are

Purdue Marketing Association (PMA) is an undergraduate student organization that works in direct relation to Purdue's Graduate Marketing Association, Krannert Faculty, and Corporate Recruiters.

We act as a liaison between our fellow classmates and corporate recruiters. We challenge our members to participate in case competitions, workshops/seminars, networking events, career fairs, client-based projects, and community engagement. Our board members offer exclusive consulting services for assistance in internship placement and research, resume/cover letter critiques, brand and project management. We supply our fellow student organization to a means of marketing and media by initiating market research and analysis, branding, and marketing strategy development. 

Our mission is to reach beyond the limits of classroom concepts of industry marketing, and utilize the vast resources provided by Purdue to stimulate engagement, interaction, collaboration, and application among members.

We provide an opportunity for undergraduate students to market themselves among recruiters and to network with industry professionals. We often participate and attend: marketing conferences, marketing 360 events, case competitions, company/industry visits, networking events, guest speakers, case studies, and career recruiting events.



The consulting arm of the Purdue Marketing Association, these talented students tackle real life marketing challenges

Meet Our Board

Sahith Tummala


Sahith is the President of the Purdue Marketing Association. He joined the organization as a freshman and has previously served as Vice President and VP of Projects. Sahith is majoring in Marketing with a Concentration in Data Analytics and pursuing the certificates in Entrepreneurship   & Innovation and Applications in Data Science. From the Silicon Valley, Sahith is inspired by the intersection of marketing and technology.

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Elizabeth Moore

Vice President 

Elizabeth is the Vice President for the Purdue Marketing Association. She is a junior studying Marketing with a minor in Human Resources and Communications at Purdue University. She is very organized and enjoys simplifying complex processes. Elizabeth aspires to specialize in project management for her future career.

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Anna Morello

VP of Branding

Anna is the VP of Branding for Purdue Marketing Association. She is a junior from Fort Wayne, IN, studying Marketing with a concentration in Technology, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship. Previously a member of the branding committee and former Treasurer, she joined PMA the first semester of her sophomore year. Throughout her time at Purdue she has found a passion for creating tangible solutions to PMA’s clientele projects. She strives to make the organization more pertinent on campus. She enjoys creative brainstorming, project management, and retail marketing.

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Sharon Jin

VP of PR

Sharon is the VP of Public Relations for Purdue Marketing Association. She joined the organization since her freshman year and has previously served as the Director of Social Media. She is currently a junior majoring in Communications with concentrations in Business Communication and Public Relations. Her passion for social media and brand strategy has led her to the organization and the real-world marketing experiences offered.

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Jay Zbieszkowski

Director of Social Media

Jay is the Director of Social Media of the Purdue Marketing Association. He joined the organization during the Fall of his freshman year. He is currently a sophomore from Fishers, IN, majoring in Marketing. In addition, he is pursuing a certificate in Entrepreneurship and is a personal trainer at the CoRec. The organization has been a great way for him to stay connected outside the classroom and develop marketing experience.

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Mariam Al-Yakoob

VP of Projects

Mariam is one of the VP of projects for the Purdue Marketing Association. She is a junior studying Supply Chain and Marketing. She joined the first semester of her sophomore year and has been involved with PMA projects ever since. She loves marketing because she feels that every service or product has a unique personality and marketing is a way to showcase that uniqueness.

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Sophie Donegan

VP of Projects

Sophie is the Vice President of Projects in Purdue Marketing Association. She's pursuing a degree in Marketing with concentrations in Data Analytics and Management Information Systems. Being involved in the Projects committee last semester pushed her to step up and take on a leadership role to help continue providing free marketing to local businesses and organizations.

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Nick Walstra


Nick Walstra is the treasurer for the purdue Marketing Association. He is a junior from Wheatfield, Indiana, studying Business Management with a concentration in marketing. Nick had joined PMA in August 2020, as a member of the events committee.

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Katarina Nikolovski

VP of Events

Katarina is the Vice President of Events of the Purdue Marketing Association. She is a freshman in majoring in Marketing and receiving a certificate of Entrepreneurship and Corporate Innovation. Katarina was previously an active member in the Branding Committee. Aside from PMA, Katarina is a Krannert Ambassador, Director of Advertisement for Relay for Life, and a member of TEDxPurdueU. Katarina's goals this semester are to work with other Krannert and Purdue organizations to collaborate on events and host a philanthropy event.

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Kris Gooch


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Kris is the Treasurer  for the Purdue Marketing Association. She joined the organization first semester of her freshman year, and is currently a junior. He is majoring in Marketing at the Krannert School of Management and is minoring in Sales. He is looking forward to meeting all PMA members throughout the semester.

Liz Faron

Director of Creative Design

Liz is the Director of Creative Design for the Purdue Marketing Association. She joined the organization first semester of her freshman year, and is currently a freshman in her second semester. She is majoring in Marketing at the Krannert School of Management and is minoring in Spanish and pursuing a certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. As the Director of Creative Design, Liz works on creating new PMA designs, merchandise, and content. She also collaborates closely with other committee heads. In her free time, she loves volunteering and helping the less fortunate.

Dr. Chad Allred


Dr. Allred began his career as an electrical engineer at Eyring Research Institute in the mid 80’s designing digital equipment for 3M, Exxon and Chevron.  He earned an MBA and began his business career at Novell in the late 80’s.  For nearly a decade he pioneered innovative alliances, advanced professional associations and managed award-winning services and technologies.  He was responsible for international user groups and user relationships with tens of thousands of corporate customers, resellers and service professionals worldwide.


In the late 90’s, Dr. Allred left industry to pursue a PhD at Purdue University.  His doctoral research examined satisfaction and loyalty evaluations of high-tech business-to-business service exchange experiences.  He is currently on the faculty of the Purdue University Krannert School of Management.  Dr. Allred has expertise in quantitative research methods, modeling, and decision sciences, and has been recognized for exceptional instruction and research.  Academic research awards include: 2011 Harold E. Fearon Award – Best Paper, 2011 Literati Network Awards for Excellence – Highly Commended Paper, 2010 Literati Network Awards for Excellence - Outstanding Paper, and 2010 E. Grosvernor Plowman Award - Best Research.


Dr. Allred is actively engaged in undergraduate/graduate experiential learning initiatives involving regional social entrepreneurship in Indiana, global social entrepreneurship in Southeast Asia, and business development through Purdue’s Office of Technology Commercialization. Together, Dr. Allred and his students pursue a variety of experiential projects, including market research, web analytics, social media, ecommerce, event planning, channel development, branding and product management. Student engagements, both abroad and in the classroom on Purdue’s campus, continue to receive local, national and international press.

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