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March on Veteran


In our most ambitious project yet, our group focused around developing a marketing platform for March on Veterans. The company has a strong service that can assist veterans with Posttraumatic stress disorder. However, there was a significant problem with lead acquisition, exposure, and marketing tools implemented in the business.

We set out with a goal to provide Jeff Decker and the March on Veterans service with the tools, website functionality, vehicles for exposure and knowledge of how to implement and manage a marketing campaign, and accomplished every goal and more. See more work over at his website,

Everidge Racing

Everidge Racing Enterprises (ERE) was founded in 1987 with Rick Everidge being the only driver. Rick started out in the street stock series then moved into the Late Model Division, with his son Cassten following close behind him. Our group worked with this duo to help expand create an online and offline presence to attract sponsors.

By the end of the project, our consulting group delivered a website providing information and live updatesa Facebook page engaging over 500 fans, and more. Everidge Racing is now sponsored by NAPA.

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