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Leaping into the Marketing World at Purdue

Emily Blue and Erika Austin from Purdue Marketing and Media paid PMA a visit on March 4th. As they have been returning speakers for the past few semesters, they have always brought fresh and insightful content that is able to immerse our members in the behind-the-scenes workings of what goes into marketing Purdue content locally, nationwide and internationally. This meeting they decided to show

us the Giant Leaps they’re taking in order to successfully organize, market, and brand Purdue’s Sesquicentennial, or “Giant Leaps” campaign.

Throughout the discussion Emily and Erika highlighted points such as the marketing analytics they’ve used to measure social media exposure throughout the

campaign, various types of merchandise they’ve trademarked, and the numerous avenues of advertising methods they’ve implemented throughout the past year. With all of these efforts combined, the image of Purdue University has reached goals on a global scale. Emily shared her delight in the fact that Giant Leaps has been able to bring together the various schools within Purdue, as well as connect Purdue to the surrounding community. After sitting through the discussion, it was truly inspiring to witness the effort and dedication that goes into building and sharing the values of the university. Not only is Purdue leading the way in all educational aspects, their marketing team is also taking Giant Leaps for past, present, and future Boilermakers.


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