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Personal Statement about PMA

My name is Madeline DeFrench and I am a sophomore at Purdue studying Business Management and Marketing. I joined the Purdue Marketing Association this semester hoping to gain marketing experiences and knowledge that I would not receive from a classroom. Each week PMA brings in a new speaker, from a different company than the previous week, to talk about his/her position and also an aspect of marketing. These topics range from the steps to take before the interview process to actually attaining a job and working in the business field. For example, a representative from Target spoke to us about the “Dos and Don’ts” for building a resume. Another representative from Coyote Logistics ran us through the interview process. Both meetings taught me that a large portion of the application process has to do with the interviewer’s preferences and that it is important for me to alter my resume to fit the qualifications and preferences of the company and position that I am applying for.

Another speaker that I especially appreciated hearing from was a representative from Caterpillar—he actually graduated as an engineer but spoke about the importance of collaboration between different fields. Because many of the members of PMA are not Marketing majors, this presentation was very relevant. He emphasized that Caterpillar would not have the success it does today if it weren’t for the engineers and the marketers, as well as countless other positions. An essential task for the Cat Marketing team is to inform the public of Cat’s contribution to the community—the company is very involved in helping the public after natural disasters. Hearing about this taught me yet another important value in the business world; a commendable goal of any company should be to benefit the world.

I not only value the wisdom these speakers share, but also the opportunities they present to PMA members. These opportunities include internships and/or business connections, making PMA membership a great addition to my career path.

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