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We Are Purdue

by Jacob Downs

From the P on your shirt, to the Mortar Board you purchased at the bookstore, campus is full of thousands upon thousands of letters, pictures, words and symbols representing the Purdue brand. The Purdue Marketing and Media have an important task maintaining consistency throughout all the different entities that represent Purdue. Emily Blue and Erika Austin graciously provided insight into the challenges and hurdles that they overcome to maintain the brand. Over the past few years the Purdue brand has gone through a pretty massive overhaul in trying to unite and create consistency with all the different entities that share the Purdue name. Websites, logos and much more had to be changed to make Purdue a consistent global brand. The second half of the presentation the focus was shaped around trademarks and the requirements a company must follow if they want to license and produce Purdue merchandise. The Purdue image is very important and any company that does not align with the Universities standards will not be a partner. I learned a lot from both professionals and how chaotic and constant maintaining the Purdue brand can be.

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