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The 7 Things I Learned From Dr. Allred

By Sebastian Zielonka

Dr. Chad Allred

After going to the meeting on Monday, October 15th and listening to what Dr. Allred thought about the world of Marketing and the different applications it has to the real world, I can say that Marketing is a much more complicated, but exciting field of work to be in. Dr. Allred made us understand that there is more to Marketing than people may think. As much as everyone knows the general idea of Marketing, people underestimate the crucial role Marketing plays in the success of a company. Based on what Dr. Allred said, I learned the difference between the importance of tactics and strategy. He made me understand the Technical side of Marketing and how even though social media marketing is growing today, there will always be a need for face to face marketing. Also, thorough Dr. Allred’s life experiences, I realized that I might be doing something entirely unrelated for marketing in the future, but it is still a vital knowledge that will help me in any position. Dr. Allred also explained that sometimes knowing who does what best, supports the “brainstorming” phase of marketing move faster. One of the most important things I think I learned was that: sometimes to be effective in Marketing, one must take it upon themselves to ask the questions that most don’t ask and research them, because that is what differentiates a general employee who will stay where they are for the next 20+ years and a potential manager. All of what Dr. Allred said was helpful, but the most important thing that I think he wanted everyone to leave with was that I wanted to be successful in Marketing, we needed to ask, everyone and ourselves, what is it I want/ need to solve. This stuck to me the most because I felt that sometimes we are expected to know what we need to do based off of what we have always been doing, and we are not given the opportunity to challenge ideas and change the process as a Marketer should strive to do.

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