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The Boilermaker Experience

Written by: Alexandra Christianson

The Boilermaker experience to me is being involved. There are a countless number of clubs, groups, and organizations around campus to be a part of, each one unique and offering a different experience.

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PMA, for example, is a student organization that works to reach beyond the limits of classroom concepts of marketing and collaborate with peers to achieve a common goal. While our organization is centered around marketing, we are inclusive and welcoming to students with different majors and experiences at Purdue.

I believe it is important to diversify yourself as a young adult and not limit yourself to being involved in only one particular niche. Many valuable lessons can be found from stretching yourself across multiple different facets, such as time management, organization, and communication/people skills. To further on the idea of being involved, for me personally the Boilermaker experience is getting out of your comfort zone. I reflect on my 3 years thus far at Purdue and can see how many amazing opportunities and friendships would have been lost had I not had the courage to try something new. It is true what they say at orientation, there truly is a place for everyone at Purdue…which to me is the heart of being a Boilermaker.

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That being said, I encourage you to put yourself out there and try something new. Get involved on campus. Meet new people. Maximize your time at Purdue so you can allow the Boilermaker experience to be a foundation to build a successful career and life on. Allow yourself to value the relationship of being connected with others and expand on those relationships with other young Purdue leaders. Find your Boilermaker experience.

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