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We are constantly working on various projects both within and outside of Purdue.


Here are some things we've worked on, both past and present:


Service League

Service League is a non-profit organization based in Michigan City that loans medical equipment to local residents as they recuperate at home. PMA has assisted this organization by redesigining their logo, helping to advertise (along with third-party agencies), designing their website, creating as well as fostering their social media presence, and facilitating search engine optimization for the website.

The Mitchell E. Daniels, Jr. School of Business

This committee aids the new business school with any extra deliverables during the rebrand process. Tasks include conducting market research, inventing new ways to include alumni with the school rebrand, and implementing promotional strategies for the new school and new name.

Purdue Student Government

PMA helps PSG write emails to its members, create posts for PSG social medias, and create flyers for PSG events. They have worked on projects such as “Meet the Candidates” and tabling sessions with PSG members.

Public Relations Comittee

The Public Relations Committee is the only project team that exists every semester. They create and foster PMA's public appearance on all platforms. Whether that's by operating the Instagram and LinkedIn pages, or creating and operating the website you are on right now. They work mostly on branding, networking, and PR strategies. This committee is truly the backbone of PMA.


Hammer It Down Nutrition

PMA collaborated with Hammer It Down Nutrition by developing ideas for their social media posts and building their website. We also handed out several flyers and coupons, and exposed Hammer It Down Nutrition to Purdue student population! Our biggest goal was to increase brand awareness and recognition, which was more than achieved.

ACE Campus Food Pantry

PMA worked to bring in more people during their Sunday time, as there was a large overflow on Tuesday.  A survey was created and taken by attendees on Tuesday and Sunday to find out reasons why they came the day they did, and through this survey, awareness of the other operating hours were spread. We also spread awareness of the food pantry around campus, encouraging students, staff, and faculty to take advantage of this free resource.

Brock-Wilson Center for Women in Management

PMA helped them redesign their website in a format that allowed for the easiest and most efficient way to display their information.

Martin Vintage

Martin Vintage is a family-owned, online clothing retailer that sells clothing with vintage Purdue designs. During their three-semester engagement with PMA, the Martin Vintage owners wanted to increase their brand awareness on campus and interaction with the student population. Some notable initiatives from this project were launching a brand ambassadorship (influencer) program, creating engaging social media content, analyzing website performance data, and conducting market research to gauge clothing preferences within the target market. 

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