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Brock-Wilson Center for Women in Management:

Their mission and vision from the website


PMA helped them redesign their webpage in a format that allowed for the easiest and most efficient way to display their information.

Here is their website:

ACE Campus Food Pantry

Simple Flyer.png

"ACE Campus Food Pantry is a resource to combat food insecurity on Purdue's campus. The pantry is available 2x weekly for Purdue students, staff, faculty." and "The ACE Campus Food Pantry is a resource on Purdue's campus that provides food assistance to Purdue students, faculty, and staff. We are currently opened on Tuesdays from 12-6 pm and on Sundays from 5-8 pm." 

PMA worked to bring in more people during their Sunday time, as there was a large overflow on Tuesday.  A survey was created and taken by attendees on Tuesday and Sunday to find out reasons why they came the day they did, and through this survey, awareness of the other operating hours were spread. We also spread awareness of the food pantry around campus, encouraging students, staff, and faculty to take advantage of this free resource.  Attached is a flyer we used. Here is their Facebook: They also have an active Instagram.

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